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Walking On Sunshine

Celebrate the start of Legends On Tour with Superstar Katrina of The Waves.

With super hits like „Walking On Sunshine“ and „Love Shine A Light“, Katrina and The Waves were able to secure themselves a spot on the exclusive list of legendary rock superstars.
The current album „The Very Best Of Katrina“ features all of the great highlights of this incredible journey through Rock’n’Roll heaven.

Their self entitled debut Katrina and the Waves album was a substantial critical and commercial success, and the group had a worldwide hit with the song „Walking on Sunshine,“ a Grammy award nomination for Best New Artist and instant world wide fame. 

Throughout the 1990s, Katrina and the Waves recorded fairly steadily. They also recorded the song „We Gotta Get Out of This Place“ with Eric Burdon for the TV series China Beach in 1990. 

Katrina and The Waves surged back into the limelight by winning the 1997 Eurovision Song Contest for the United Kingdom on 3 May 1997 with the song „Love Shine a Light“. The song won by a then-record margin of 70 points over the Irish runner-up.“Love Shine a Light“ became Katrina and the Waves‘ biggest-ever UK hit, peaking at no. 3 in the UK Singles Chart.

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